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We are still the very same dental clinic you have always put your trust in. Now we are even better organised than before and able to offer you a better service every day and with the best conditions. Slow Dentistry, our own method we share with all Clínicas W, allows us to focus on what we like most: taking care of you.

What is Slow Dentistry?

We live in a society where professional activity and daily life go very fast. We do not live the moment properly and this is noticeable in our health. Slow Dentistry was born to slow down that fast pace and help people to enjoy the present by taking care of their well-being and happiness.

Having a high volume of patients and a large number of first visits causes dentists to focus on the execution but not on solving the root of the problem, which is what the patient needs. Working with the Slow method does not mean working slowly, but going step by step and getting to the cause to find the best solution.

This is why at Clínica Dental Juana María Fernández we decided to join Clínicas W, the first network of dental clinics with names and family names. Clíncas W offers a method of excellence in which clinical protocols are perfectly paired with those of management and organisation in order to make the patient the centre of the process and offer them the quality and efficiency they deserve.

Slow Dentistry brings us closer to our patients and strengthens the trust they place in us. This trust is returned to them in the form of quality and efficiency and doing things right from the first visit without the need to repeat procedures, thus benefiting the patient and reducing costs.

We are the first dental clinic in Almería that seeks to create a unique experience for the patient through excellence in all treatments and impeccable personal attention based on Slow Dentistry.

Slow Dentistry in 4 steps



People over teeth. Getting to know the person and their needs, with close treatment and lots of communication, is the first step in a dental treatment.


The clinic has a representative dentist and a solid team that strengthens the relationship with the patient. All in all, knowing that we will be your dentist in Almería builds trust and improves relationships.


Reducing the number of appointments with more productive visits reduces costs, helps us to enhance personal value and allows us to take care of every last detail in a calm environment.


Achieving 'more with less' in an efficient environment and good time and resources management is the key to offering quality and accessible treatments.

A more calm and human dentistry

Slow Dentistry is what sets us apart from other dental clinics. A unique working method based on the Slow movement to face the challenges of the present and the future, inspired by the successes of the past.

It does not mean working slowly, but calmly. Our commitment is to combine excellence in all aspects surrounding your experience in the dental clinic. To dedicate the time you need because the opposite takes us away from enjoying the human relationship that we like: doing things well and taking care of every last detail.

All dental clinics at Clínicas W share this working method with other professionals who understand dentistry and the power of the smile.

Slow dentistry

Your Clínica W of Slow Dentistry in Almería

Since 2017 we have been part of Clínicas W, the first network of dental clinics with names and family names that share a passion for dentistry and our own Slow Dentistry method. A model that seeks to humanise the service and enhance the value of trust. Believe it or not, you can enjoy yourself at the dentist.

We are still the very same dental clinic you have always put your trust in. Now we are even better organised than before and able to offer you a better service every day and with the best conditions. Clínicas W allows us to focus on what we love most: taking care of you.

This step brings us closer to other dental clinics in Spain that are committed to Slow Dentistry to achieve excellence, connect more with our patients and make calmness the basis for the success of our treatments. We manage to combine quality treatments with personalised attention and a positive emotional experience. And if it is good for our clinic, it is also good for you and your health.

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