Slow Dentistry at Clínica Dental Juana María Fernández

The dental sector in Spain is growing at a dizzying rate. In 2017, more than 51% of the 21,628 clinics registered in our country have seen an increase in the number of patients to be treated. With so much demand, is patient treatment optimal?

Our director, Dr. Juana María Fernández Ramírez, is aware of this situation. Her concern for quality and respect for the patient has led her to implement a new philosophy in the clinic: Slow Dentistry.

Slow Dentistry is a new concept coined in Spain where the aim is to create a positive and unique experience for each patient. The combination of excellence in all treatments and impeccable care are some of its mains characteristics. Because there is nothing cheaper than doing things right the first time.

“Slow doesn’t mean working slowly. It means working efficiently, doing more with less, prioritising quality and enjoying the emotional bond with the patient and our team. It means remembering that taking care of the human factor with calmness will end up bringing more health to us, to the patients and to dentistry,” the team of CLÍNICAS W guarantees.

Under this model of Slow Dentistry, Clínica Dental Juana María Fernández and almost 50 other dental clinics of professionals with recognised experience spread throughout Spain decided to join a network of clinics. This network, CLÍNICAS W, is not a franchise, but it helps us to differentiate ourselves from competitors through a model focused on quality, accessibility, sustainability and customer service.

At Clínica Dental Juana María Fernández we are sure that the reformulation of the success proposed by this Slow Dentistry model will be recognised for its excellence and will break obsolete paradigms that have nothing to do with today’s life, where less is more.





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