Orthodontics in Almería

Invisible aligners are a worldwide revolution in the dental scene.

The orthodontic treatment, responsible for the correct position of teeth and bones in the mouth, is a cosmetic treatment that is increasingly in demand due to its excellent results, its minimally invasive nature and the wide range of solutions and techniques it offers. It is a common treatment for children and teenagers but, due to its effectiveness and thanks to invisible aligners, it is increasingly in demand among adults.

Invisalign orthodontics

What is orthodontics and when is it necessary?

Orthodontics is the branch of dentistry that is responsible for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of malposition of teeth and dental arches with the aim of restoring balance to both the form and function of the mouth and face and also improving facial aesthetics.

Nowadays, in a world where looking our best is so important and valued, having a beautiful smile is a widespread desire that can be achieved thanks to the orthodontist. Having a pleasant and harmonious smile depends on many factors, both genetic and functional, which can be influenced to a greater or lesser degree. Beyond aesthetics, orthodontists are concerned that the mouth has a correct function and develops in harmony and balance.

Treatment techniques and options

Removable appliances

There are different therapeutic techniques, such as palatal expanders or retainers, that help us to modify bone problems at an early age, control tooth eruption and thus prevent future malocclusions and malposition of teeth.

Fixed braces

Fixed braces are the most common and well-known form of orthodontic treatment, although nowadays new techniques have appeared. Each case is studied and adapted to the patient according to their needs.

Invisible aligners

Invisible aligners consist of the placement of clear splints that will help you achieve your perfect smile and improve your look. Cleaning your teeth will be more comfortable as they are removable.

Invisible orthodontics

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