Laser in dentistry

Dentistry advances scientifically and so does technology.

Thus, technology helps this medical speciality to make diagnoses and treatments more efficient and effective. Recently we have incorporated a Diode Laser for soft tissues, biostimulation and many other functions.

This type of equipment helps us to improve and achieve excellence in many of our treatments.

Among the many advantages of this laser, the most relevant one is its bactericidal effect, which helps with the debridement and disinfection of soft tissues. It has advantages in surgical treatments, making surgeries cleaner and improving the postoperative period. It can be used when treating periodontal disease and  peri-implantitis, ensuring practically total decontamination. It also has applications in endodontics, pain therapy and even teeth whitening. If you need more information about these treatments, do not hesitate to ask us during your next visit.





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