Invisible aligners: the treatment that will change your life

A beautiful smile can change the course of your life…

Your confidence, your confidence, your appearance and even how you face life. Achieving the smile you’ve always dreamed of doesn’t have to be a long, annoying and complicated process thanks to solutions such as invisible aligners.

What are invisible aligners?

It is a transparent orthodontic system that straightens teeth using invisible and removable aligners that are made to fit the patient’s mouth. These aligners, which are changed every two weeks, move the teeth and align them progressively until they are placed in the most suitable position to achieve a beautiful smile. In short, an alternative to traditional braces.

The process of invisible aligners

The first step is to place a mould in the patient’s mouth. We then draw up a detailed treatment plan in virtual 3D where we show the changes and movements that the teeth will undergo during the process. This way the patient will be able to see the final result of their smile even before starting the treatment.

Once the process has started, the patient will have to wear a new set of custom aligners every two weeks. With each change of aligners, you will notice how your teeth gradually move until you achieve the desired placement. Throughout this process, regular visits will be made to check the evolution and progress of the treatment.

The time and results depend on the initial state of each patient’s teeth. In our clinic we study each case individually and personally to offer the most appropriate solution according to the situation and needs of each person.





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