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A smile is undoubtedly a very powerful gesture that can change our mood and make us be more positive. Being aware of the emotional power that a smile holds can bring us great benefits. It is the one accessory that can make us more beautiful both externally and internally. Your visit to the dentist in Almería can also be a positive emotional experience – take our word for it!

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Dr. Juana María Fernández

We want to make people aware of the importance of oral health as it affects our general health and well-being; beautiful smiles can only be achieved in healthy environments. We want to study and propose to each patient the best version of their smile and enjoy that process.
Our main goal as a team at Clínica Dental Juana María Fernández in Almería is getting the best version of your smile.

Why choose us



We based our dentistry on the constant improvement of the quality of the treatments and services we offer.


We propose the treatments that you really need after studying your situation and diagnosing your therapeutic needs.


We have been taking care of you for 30 years thanks to our perseverance and 100% personalised patient care.


We question traditional processes and constantly seek new technologies and protocols to improve and reinvent ourselves on a daily basis.

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A more calm and human dentistry

At Clínica Dental Juana María Fernández we offer a method of excellence in which clinical protocols are perfectly paired with those of management and organisation in order to make the patient the centre of the process and offer them the quality and efficiency they deserve.

Slow Dentistry brings us closer to our patients and strengthens the trust they place in us.

Treatments to improve your smile


The orthodontic treatment helps us to better your mouth structure, improving both the masticatory function and aesthetics, with different types of braces and clear aligners to make your treatment as quick and pleasant as possible.


Gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, as well as peri-implantitis, are among the most common causes of tooth and implant loss so their control and prevention is essential.

Dental Implants

Dental implants help us to permanently replace missing teeth, thus improving cosmetic and functional problems – we will always carry out a previous study and planning of your case and needs.

Designing your smile

At Clínica Dental Juana María Fernández we are 100% involved in your smile. We improve the way patients experience their visit to the dentist by combining it with excellence in clinical practice and with innovation.

We work on excellent smile projects, planning them so that the patient actively participates as part of the team and enjoys the shared success as such.

Our first visit will be part of your involvement in designing your smile.

What makes us stand out is, more than ever, the talent and commitment of the people around us. There is no dentist or technology that can make a difference by themselves – there is no better success than that which is shared from beginning to end.

A high-performing and winning team does not happen by chance, it requires strategy, involved leadership, teamwork and motivation.

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